SHIELD Project

SHIELD is a project funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund aimed at protecting places of worship from the risks of violent extremism. Implementing risk factors’ analysis, SHIELD is to enhance security postures at places of worship through improving the coordination, cooperation, and communication between law enforcement agencies, public authorities, faith leadership and congregations.

The combination of the Shield protective and risk factors’ analysis brings together stakeholders and target groups to develop new measures to ensure the safeguard of these places and the resilience of believers with different faiths. SHIELD’s consortium is made up of 18 partners from 10 EU countries, engaged for two years: from January 2022 to December 2023.

Work Packages

SHIELD project foresees the following working packages:

  1. analysis of critical points, resilience activities and risks. The tasks of WP2 activities will lay the foundations for the definition of prevention and mitigation strategies, to be identified in WP3;
  2. identification of safety and security measures. The aim of WP3 is to identify technologies and procedures that can meet the needs and mitigate the vulnerabilities outlined in WP2;
  3. WP4 aims at developing training sessions and simulations to test, validate and evaluate the methodological, technological and procedural solutions identified in WP3;
  4. the dissemination and communication plan and WP5 will ensure to reach and involve the stakeholders and target groups to promote and ensure the sustainability of the project outcomes. The project outputs will be publications, as factsheet and recommendations, and meetings, as workshops and conferences, to raise, in the target groups, the awareness and the information on the practical measures and tools for increasing the protection of places of worship


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