Euro Islam

Welcome to the Euro Islam

EuroIslam is a blog to share who we are so as to build a future together. As Muslims, we experience countless diversities and inequalities that spark a stimulus to strengthen together a human family bond, looking forward to the same goal. Our aim is to create and realize a resilient atmosphere to endure the current prevailing hard times.

Our Islamic values are like a compass that serves to guide us in difficult moments like the ones we are currently experiencing. A compass pointing into the direction of dialogue and spirituality to better understand ourselves, through comparison with others.

We created the EuroIslam portal to share a persuasive educating strategy that rejects the negative narratives which represent the main target of the behaviors leading to the formation of extremists groups.

Sharing experience is key in this modern society where Muslims are challenged by diversity and countless inequality.

Our goal is to develop resilient educational systems to cope with today's difficult times and contribute to the growth of peaceful society linked by a greater social cohesion.

EuroIslam aims to provide information and testimonies on the facts that shape the social life and activities of the Muslim community to foster a more integrated civil relationship in the European multicultural context.

EuroIslam constitutes of a space for Muslims with intentions of giving a voice to Islam as a religion of peace, dialogue and added values, distancing themselves from those who distort its most authentic message with violent extremism.